Michi's bike trip from Switzerland to Vietnam

Two 20-Year-Old Cycle to Vietnam by Bike

Adventurous 12'474 km from Basel to Hanoi. Michi and his friend Lukas cycled along the Danube, through Turkey, Iran, southern India and finally drove through South East Asia until Vietnam.


Met on the Road


Michael from Münchenstein (BL), Switzerland: 

From Basel to China's east coast and back again - all by bicycle.


Leonie and Philipp from Germany:

Through the Pamir to Singapore and on a still unknown way back.



Pascal from Payerne (VD), Switzerland:

On the road since more than three years, he wants to go round the world.



Laeti, Brice and the 3-year-old Leo from France:

One year across South America.


Bob and Nino from Holland:

Nine months in South America in our opposite direction.



Tom from Australia:

Travelling the Americas for a long time - from Argentina to Canada.


Hale, a Turkish solo woman:

Long time traveller, has just celebrated two years in South America.


Carlos from Chile:

Wants to go around the world on his mountain bike.


Nikolas from Germany: 

From the southernmost to the northernmost point of the Americas.