Equipment Partners and Sponsors

Many thanks to all our equipment partners and sponsors for the generous support! 

Brino Velo

Bike specialist in Basel, Aesch und Dornach


When configurating our bikes, we could rely on the deep knowledge and many years of experience from René Brino and his team. Besides giving us informed advice they also supported us by a generous sponsoring. More information about this recommendable specialist shop you find here:


Travel, bike and outdoor equipment


People looking for practical advice concerning travel, bike and outdoor equipment will find it at Transa. Its extremly broad range of products makes hearts of individual travellers leap for joy. Transa supports us with a generous discount voucher.

Tour de Suisse Rad

Swiss bike producer


When it comes to our bikes, we were not prepared to make compromises. With TdS, being famous for its high Swiss quality and its travel-tested model called "Fernweh" we found exactly what we imagined. TdS made a valuable contribution to our plan by giving a special discount on our bikes.

ALPINA Optik + Sport 

Winter sports, cycling und eyewear


Alpina develops and produces innovative sports glasses as well as cycle and ski helmets of high quality. Since Alpina sponsors our helmets and glasses, we will have an excellent protection for these adventorous streets and be able to enjoy the different landscapes in best visual quality too. Of course, Alpina's products look fabulous as well.

Reise Know-How

Travel guides, maps and more


Reise Know-How is a publisher specialised in travel and phrase books as well as culture guides. We are already familiar with the excellent quality of these maps and non-fiction books from trips done beforehand and therefore can really entrust you with them!

On our trip we can count on Reise Know-How products again,

thistime fully sponsored.

Find here our forthcoming contributions: Back to the road!


Equipment for bike adventures and the every day life of a cyclist


We thank VeloPlus for sponsoring our bike bags. What we really appreciate at their shops are the friendliness and competence. Moreover, they run a huge choice of different bike accessories. 

The rights place to start a bike adventure!

TopPharm Apotheke Gächter

Pharmacies in Pratteln, Basel and Birsfelden


In a friendly atmosphere, you profit from a professional advice to a wide range of different services, medicaments, homeopathic or natural remedies. For the health care on our trip, we could count on a fully extensive sponsoring, competent expertise and know-how as well as a motivating commitment of the TopPharm team.

Wyss Reisen AG

Travel and forwarding agent in the canton of Solothurn


Wyss Reisen offers a great variety of exciting journeys through Switzerland and whole Europe. Due to their additional tip-lorry service, the sympathic familiy-run company also works on construction sites in the region. Furthermore, Wyss Reisen owns several public bus lines in the canton. They generously bear the transportation costs on our trip.

Steiger, Partner AG

Marketing and communication consultant


Steiger, Partner supports you in changing and developing of ideas, strategies and concepts into sustainable results. You can profit from many years of management experience in marketing, advertising, and public relation. Steiger, Partner sponsored our website which enabled us to realise the blog as well as the newsletter.

Eglin Präzisionsmechanik AG

Efficient workpieces in precision mechanics


The focus of Eglin Präzisionsmechanik's products lies on handling non-ferrous heavy metal, steel and stainless steel, aluminium as well as synthetic material. Their production reaches from individual items to middle-seized series. Eglin Präzisionsmechanik supports us with high quality tools and replacing components. So, should there be any unexpected breakdowns, we are well-prepared.

Gecko Supply

Swiss distributor of high-quality brands


Gecko Supply is as a sports equipment trader successfully responsible for various brands of high quality in Switzerland. We are supported by two Ortlieb rucksacks which are valuable when it comes to hiking or exploring cities. Moreover, they can be used as additional bags on the bicycle racks. Contact the sympathic mail-order company on +41 44 273 18 01.


Cycle Computing


The company called Cycle Parts develops innovative bike computers for touring, training and racing bikes. In order to have an overview of our atheletic performance and to generate reliable statistics, VDO supports us with two bike computers.


Producer of world's most famous pocket knifes


It all started with the Swiss Army Knife. Nowadays, the knifes of Victorinox are nowadays available in various kinds all over the world. On our trip, Victorinox supplies us with two of their high-quality Swiss pocket knifes. Indispensable for true adventures!

Galderma Spirig

Dermatologic market leaders


Galderma Spirig offers an extensive range of dermatologic medicine, medical treatments for skin diseases as well as products which protect and care for the skin. For our trip we were provided with several 'Daylong' sun creams.